Pink Bra Tour Stop 12

on November 25, 2015

Here it is, the grand finale, Stop 12 of the Pink Bra Tour! We were in our hometown of Costa Mesa, California at CrossFit Costa Mesa and we want to send them a HUGE THANK YOU for their fundraising efforts last year and for putting on amazing weekend to end our tour.


The day kicked off with opening ceremonies but this time we had a special guest speaker. Three year-old Cash, the son of our CEO, decided that it was his turn to grab the mic in the middle of mom’s speech. What was said, we will never know, but it was definitely moving.


The workout of the day was, you guessed it, “Grace”. Everybody got in on the action. There was regular, heavy, scaled and even a Beer Grace with 1 beer chugged after every 10 clean & jerks. For some people Grace is a workout they do every year at this event and for some people this was their first ever. All of them went just as hard and it was an amazing atmosphere to be in.


Susan G. Komen of Orange County was in the house who has been a grantee partner since the launch of our program. We had 6 legacy advocates and survivors on hand for the festivities, one shared her story and another participated in Grace doing it as prescribed while currently fighting breast cancer for the 3rd time at the young age of 37. We also had a special guest Dr. Tushar P. Patel, MD Diagnostic Radiology on hand to speak with the crowd.


We want to give a special thank you to all of the great vendors and sponsors that showed up and supported the athletes. Setwear Fitness was on hand with tons of great weight belts and gear. Progenex was in the house offering free samples and helping athletes recover. Rock Tape made sure that all the athletes were moving to the best of their ability and Compex had units on hand making sure that everyone could properly recover after the WOD.
We also want to send a special thank you to all of the BFB Pro and Youth Advocates that were on hand for the events: Max and Gillian Mormont, Guido Trinidad, Val Voboril, Nathan Contreras, Dylan Contreras, Jake Bishop and Phoenix Phillips.


Sunday CFCM hosted their traditional PBT Oly Meet. Multiple local athletes competed and Coach Max coached about half of them. Special guest Coach Jodi Vaughn made an appearance to coach Youth Advocates Jake Bishop, Phoenix Phillips and our founder Z (who hit a PR Snatch and qualified for USAW Master’s Nationals!). Even Board of Director Member Alec Hanson threw down! Chelsie Guardado and Progenex Athlete, Christian Lucero had the highest Sinclair totals for the women and men.


That’s it for Stop 12 at CrossFit Costa Mesa and the Tour. Thank you all for the support and the many great memories!  Until next year…









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Nathan MorrisPink Bra Tour Stop 12

Pink Bra Tour Stop 11

on November 17, 2015

We’re back in sunny SoCal for Stop 11. This past weekend we were at CrossFit Sun in San Diego and we want to send them a GIGANTIC THANK YOU for their fundraising efforts last year and for putting on another fantastic event this year!


Everything was so well organized thanks to their dedicated Fun & Easy Giving Committee that handles all of their local community involvement. From the judges with bib numbers and knee pads, to the expansive warm-up area, the walkie talkie communication and a sweet VIP area for volunteers and staff, this crew handled it ALL with smiles and high fives.
The day started with a group Cupid Shuffle warm-up and the energy only got better from there.


The first workout was the EZ division of Grace (is Grace ever really easy though?). Then continuing into the opening ceremonies where CrossFit Sun presented BFB with a big ‘ol check donating over $52,000 (and they’re still going!). This is the MOST any one team has ever raised for Barbells for Boobs in the history of the organization. To that we want to say thank you, thank you, thank you! Needless to say they are currently in first place overall on the Leaderboard.


After the opening ceremonies it was an all out Grace-fest. Tons of PRs, a lot of cheering and insane amounts of energy all over the gym! The atmosphere was electric. Pro Advocates hopped in to judge, so many awesome things happened it’s hard to put into words, so hopefully our pictures do it justice.  A highlight of the day was having our Grantee Partner, Jill Webber from Community Clinics Health Network, join us not only to speak to the group, but also lift a barbell to do Grace for the very first time! We’re so proud of her!!!


Halftime featured a Clean & Jerk Conga Line with a fun group of athletes stepping up to the bar including BFB staff, Pro Advocates, CF Sun coaches and a bunch of local affiliate owners and top athletes to throw down some heavy weights and bring down the CF Sun house. Progenex Athlete, Christian Lucero hit 330 lbs. All of our Youth Advocates got in on the action including Dylan Contreras, Phoenix Phillips and Jake Bishop who PRd his clean at 240 lbs (yep, he’s 16 years old). Pro Advocates Leah Shullenberger and Aja Barto made these lifts look easy, and Andrea Kim (co-owner of CF Sun) was a crowd favorite.  

During halftime we heard from our awesome Mission Manager, Monica Olmos, with her breast cancer story and how Barbells for Boobs does more than just provide early detection services.  Sarah Roselli, diagnosed two years ago in her thirties, talked about how the legacy of Barbells for Boobs lives on thru the experiences of women like her.  We’re so grateful for all of our Legacy Advocates for continuing to connect the dots to the reality of breast cancer in young women and the community that supports our mission.


That’s it for Stop 11 at CrossFit Sun. Thank you for the support and so many fun memories!  Stay tuned for our next post as we wrap up the tour at CrossFit Costa Mesa!









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Nathan MorrisPink Bra Tour Stop 11

Pink Bra Tour Stop 10

on October 21, 2015

Hey y’all! Or should we say howdy? This past weekend our trip across the US took us to Belton, Texas for Pink Bra Tour Stop 10. A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to the Central Texas Affiliates for their fundraising efforts last year and for hosting us all weekend. There were multiple events for everyone to enjoy. “Grace” is a staple event for us but there are tons of different ways for communities and people to come together to support our cause. There was something for everyone this weekend.
Friday night we had our first ever BFB Banquet at the Temple Railroad and Heritage Museum. The food and drinks were delicious, the speakers were fantastic and there was even a cake in the shape of a kettlebell. We had a great time eating and interacting with the community the day before the event. And, we can’t forget to mention Dirty Bird Bingo.


Saturday was full of events, starting with an 8am 5K at Yettie Polk Park. There was a fantastic turnout and hey, who says CrossFitters can’t run? There were some great times posted and even greater times were had by all.


Following the 5K we headed over to Horny Toad Harley Davidson for the main event. The workout was “Grace” starting with a survivors heat. Teen Advocates Phoenix Phillips (17) and Dylan Contreras (16) did Heavy Grace at 190lbs and 225lbs respectively, which is 85% of their 1RM Clean and Jerk.


Halftime was another amazing obstacle course with Hula Hoops, Tire Flips, Nerf Guns and Scooters. Teams were made up of Pro Advocates including Elisabeth Akinwale and Chad & Jodi Vaughn, some of our local BFB Advocates Phoenix, Jake Bishop and Maddie Vincent, plus participants from the crowd. It’s cool seeing CrossFit Games and Olympic athletes trying new sports. Maybe we’ll see Razor Scooters at the Games next year? :)

The most amazing part of Halftime was honoring the survivors that were present, Lilly Ramos and Nicole Kepler, both were diagnosed in their 30s. As they addressed the crowd, both spoke about how they were fortunate to have been diagnosed early. Early detection spared them from more extreme and severe treatments that might have been needed had they been diagnosed at a later stage. No matter the stage, these women are incredibly strong and we appreciate them sharing their stories.


Sunday was a packed house at CrossFit Centex for the 4th Annual BFB Central Texas Oly Open. 64 athletes competed and put on an amazing show. Multiple athletes, including Elisabeth and a couple CrossFit Centex competitors, qualified for the American Open. Not to mention, there were some amazing kids that competed. We’ve got some “strong” supporters out there.

Thank you!


And, that’s it! We had a blast but we’re on our way back to Cali for Stop 11 at CrossFit Sun in San Diego. Thank you to all of the Central Texas Affiliates, Horny Toad Harley Davidson and CrossFit Centex for hosting us!


BFB Out!







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Nathan MorrisPink Bra Tour Stop 10

Pink Bra Tour Stops 8 & 9

on October 14, 2015

Howdy! This past weekend we were in Texas y’all for Stops 8 & 9 of the 2015 Pink Bra Tour. Our trip took us to Dallas and Houston for visits to CrossFit Impressions and CrossFit 1836. We want to send them a GIGANTIC THANK YOU for hosting us and for putting on a couple of amazing events.

Our first stop was at CrossFit Impressions in Southlake, Texas just outside of Dallas. We held the opening ceremonies thanking them for their stellar fundraising over the past two years and then got right to it.


The workout was “Grace” and boy did they throw down. It didn’t matter if people were going Rx or Scaled, they were pushing hard. Maybe it had something to do with all the cheering or maybe there’s something in the water, either way, every single participant got after it.


For halftime we had a few special guest speakers including Doug from the National Breast Cancer Foundation (one of our Grantee Partners) and Vic Pepe, a member of CrossFit Impression and the Top Fundraiser for 2014 (and so far 2015). We had two survivors on hand, Charlotte and Jenna, who told their stories and it really brought a sense of drive to the box. These women both made sure to get their regular screenings and early detection ensured their survival, and that’s the mission that Barbells for Boobs stands for.


After presenting the survivors their Stronger Together bracelets, custom made by our Partner Fashletics, the halftime show continued with a lip sync battle with performances by our BFB Pro Advocates Aja Barto, Leah Shullenberger and Kevin Ogar as well as members from CrossFit Impressions. The final performance of Sia’s Chandelier with choreographed interpretive dance by Kevin and Community Advocate Nathan Morris brought the house down giving them the decisive victory. BIG ups to Coach Ben and his splits.


After halftime, heats continued with a special final heat that included Aja and Leah doing Triple Partner Grace with increasing weights for each set of 30. They finished just under 10 minutes in a spectacular back and forth performance.

The vendors in the parking lot kept busy as well. Jeremy from our Partner, Progenex, was on hand to make sure athletes got in their recovery. He happily handed out samples and helped people learn about their products. There was also some good ‘ol Texas BBQ that really hit the spot after expending all that energy.


It was an awesome event. You could tell that everybody pitched in and took great pride in their gym. The community was awesome and we want to thank each and every member for having us and making us feel so welcome.


Sunday we were in Kingwood, Texas (just outside of Houston) for Stop 9 at CrossFit 1836. We want to give them a special shout out for being OG supporters, fundraising and supporting our organization for the 5 years since our inception.

The event was awesome. Their facility was all decked out with pink and you could tell they were ready for some “Grace”. Aja, Leah and Kevin were on hand again and helped athletes warm-up, advise them on some WOD strategy and even stepped in to do some judging. Oh, and take pictures, there were a lot of pictures. :)


The day started off with a Kids Heat which was the most adorable thing you’ll ever see. Their bars were PVC taped up and decorated in pink with cardboard bumpers. They crushed it. Check out the mobility of these young athletes!


For halftime we had a special presentation for Survivors and Legacy Advocates: Marilyn, Madeline, Darla and Laura. Our Legacy Advocates are a group of incredible women who represent BFB and have also battled and beat breast cancer. They are the true legacy for our mission and why we do the work that we do at BFB. What made this event so special is that 3 of the 4 women are members of CrossFit Behemoth which is owned and run by Aja and Leah. Their box is about 40 minutes away from the event and it was really cool to have them on hand for the festivities.


Right after that was the halftime show which featured an obstacle course of hula hoops, slam balls, sprinting, Nerf guns, diving under and over bars, and of course scooters. Kevin emceed as the four teams competed. Aja, Leah, our Founder/CEO Z and Nathan acted as team captains with member from the audience volunteering as participants. Team Leah took the win and the Championship of the Universe.


The last heat of the day featured Aja and Leah alternating 200 heavy clean and jerks for time with the whole crowd cheering them on. They ended just over 13 minutes in an impressive show. The day ended with the top 3 men and women standing on the podium and presented with Progenex gift bags for their performances.


That’s it. We had an amazing time and are continuing our stay in Texas with a stop next weekend in Belton, Texas with the Central Texas Affiliates. Thank you once again to CrossFit Impressions and CrossFit 1836 for having us. We had a blast!


BFB Out!







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Nathan MorrisPink Bra Tour Stops 8 & 9

Whitney’s Story

on October 10, 2015

“I didn’t think that 10 years later I’d still be battling this.”

Fighting breast cancer is hard enough. Now imagine fighting it 5 times. For Whitney, it’s not something she has to imagine, she’s living it. As part of our Change the World With Your Story series, BFB and Reebok are so proud to bring you Whitney’s Story.



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Nathan MorrisWhitney’s Story

Pink Bra Tour Stop 7

on September 30, 2015

Saturday we were in Lisle, Illinois just outside of Chicago for Pink Bra Tour Stop 7 at CrossFit Amplify. We want to send them a giant Thank You for putting on an amazing event, being fantastic hosts and having more than 170 athlete participants.

The opening ceremonies featured Dr. Sandy Goldberg of A Silver Lining Foundation. ASL has directly benefitted from funds raised by CrossFit Amplify and is a long-time Grantee Partner dating back to 2012. Lauren Banek a CrossFit Amplify member who received support from ASL spoke and a few survivors were on hand including Angele who was diagnosed at 33, and Cathy White who shared her story with the crowd.

The WOD was “Grace Meets a Hero” in a partner format. “Rahoi” was the featured Hero for this workout. Teams were given 4 minutes to complete “Grace” and then went directly into a 12 minute AMRAP of 12 box jumps, 6 thrusters and 6 burpee-over-the-bar alternating rounds between the partners.


We want to send a huge thank you to all of our BFB Advocates for taking time out of their busy schedules to support our mission. We were lucky enough to have Weightlifting Extraordinaires Chad and Jodi Vaughn, Perennial CrossFit Games Athlete Elisabeth Akinwale (and son Asa) and The Brothers Contreras, Nathan and Dylan on hand for the festivities.

Our Partners Compex and Progenex were on site and were very generous the entire day aiding in athlete recovery. They ran participants through product demonstrations and shared how their products keep athletes of any level performing their very best. A huge thank you to them for everything they did on Saturday and for everything they do for us throughout the year.


The Compex Halftime Show featured a relay of 15 hula hoops, 10 slam ball over the shoulder, three 8ft ball toss into a bucket, 25 yard 70lb. sandbag carry, and a 40 yard scooter sprint. Teams consisted of a female and male BFB Pro Advocate, a Community Advocate and a randomly selected member of CrossFit Amplify. It’s not every day you see a 2-time Olympian hula hooping. :) Oh, and the Vaughns won, because that’s all they ever do.


CrossFit Amplify presented a giant check in the amount of $23,365 to our CEO, Z. An amazing contribution and we know that they’re just getting started with their fundraising for this year. A special thank you goes out to owners Scott and Mike for building such an amazing community and everything else they do.

We also called our BFB Pro Advocate Jessica Lucero, the reigning 58kg USAW National Champ who just tied the American Snatch Record (91kg) and had all of CrossFit Amplify sing her happy birthday.

The day concluded with an Advocate Team Faceoff between The Contreras Brothers (Nathan and Dylan) faced off with Progenex Athlete Lindsey Kelly and Chad Vaughn, the 2-Time Olympian, American Record holder… #Yeahthatguy. It was a close battle with both teams getting into the 15th round but the All-Americans beat the Brothers by 8 reps.


That does it for Stop 7. We had an amazing time in Lisle, IL, but now we’re off to Nashville to Monkey around with some gymnastics and barbell folks and then we’ll hit Stops 8 & 9 in Dallas and Houston!









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Nathan MorrisPink Bra Tour Stop 7

Pink Bra Tour Stops 5 & 6

on September 16, 2015

This past weekend we were in New York for Stops 5 & 6 of the 2015 Pink Bra Tour at CrossFit Rapture and CrossFit Bell. We want to send them both a HUGE THANK YOU for being amazing hosts and putting on a couple of awesome events.

It all started at CrossFit Rapture on Saturday morning. Z, our CEO, got emotional during the opening explaining what Barbells for Boobs is. That we’re trying to take gender and age out of cancer and everyone deserves the right to know if they are on female cialis pills Mary from Project Renewal, our Grantee Partner, spoke as well about how the funds from BFB support the needs of people across greater New York and the impact being made by their efforts. We even had a couple of our special Legacy Advocates on hand, Meredith Carpenter and Whitney Bozzer, both diagnosed with breast cancer in their 20’s.  They are the reason Barbells for Boobs exists.

There was a little bit of rain, but that didn’t dampen any spirits.


After the intro it was time to WOD. Today it was “Grace” with partner, scaled, Rx and heavy options.


Father and son, Flo and Collin crushed triple Grace, while 70 year-old Harvey finished in an impressive 5:09.

Owner, Shane Arikian even got in on the Heavy Grace action.R3


BFB Pro Advocates Guido Trinidad and Max Mormont performed a Grace ladder 30 reps of ascending clean and jerks starting at 45lbs and jumping 10lbs each time to finish at 335lbs.


Progenex, Afro Brutality and Clean Snatch Soap were onsite for the festivities.

Sunday at CrossFit Bell had an amazing energy. It was a coed competition consisting of two events. There was an outstanding showing with 7 different boxes coming together for a common cause. Janice from the Breast Treatment Task Force (our Grantee Partner) and Lisa, a patient of their program and member of CrossFit Bell, spoke to the crowd. Lisa is a fantastic representation of our mission and why these funds are so critical. We even had JoAnne from the Avon Foundation for Women on hand to speak. They’re based in New York City and have been a proud partner of BFB since 2013.


Our Legacy Advocate Meredith told her story. She was diagnosed at the age of 27 with Stage 2 Breast Cancer. She continued to do CrossFit throughout her treatments and even judged the NE Regional this year. We honored her with our special “Stronger Together” bracelet custom made by our partner, Fashletics.


WOD 1 was an ascending ladder of hang power cleans and push jerks. But, that wasn’t all. While one partner performed the other had to hold their bar off the ground for the reps to count.


At halftime our Pro Advocates Guido and Max performed a 3 touch & go snatch ladder with 10 jumps in 10lb increments. They started with 135lbs and ended at 225lbs. Gillian Mormont, another one of our proud Pro Advocates and expecting mom, laddered with 3 touch & go clean and jerks starting at 35lbs and finishing at 125lbs.

WOD 2 was a 10:00 time cap to perform 2 rounds of 40 deadlifts, 40 Burpee over the bar and 40 squats holding an atlas stone. Teams had to move in increments of 5 alternating until all reps were reached.


We can’t finish this post without mentioning the photo booth. With tons of ridiculous props and accessories, that thing was a hit.


That does it for Stops 5 & 6. We had an amazing time in New York, but now we’re off to Stop 7 in Chicago!









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Nathan MorrisPink Bra Tour Stops 5 & 6

BFB Pro Advocates — An Inside Look

on September 9, 2015

We’re blessed to have so many dynamic individuals on our BFB Pro Advocate Team. Our Pro Advocates are much more than coaches and athletes, they come from all different backgrounds and cover a variety of spectrums. They are teachers, nurses, finance directors, business owners and more. Their individual interests and passions are what make them such a special part of our BFB family.

We are proud to share with you, an inside look on how the #BFBProAdvocate Team came to be and how they’re changing the world with their stories.

Barbells for Boobs

#BFBStory | #BFB5years | #BFB | #barbellsforboobs | #righttoknow

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Nathan MorrisBFB Pro Advocates — An Inside Look

Pink Bra Tour Stops 3 & 4

on September 2, 2015

Last weekend we were in Connecticut for Stops 3 & 4 of the Pink Bra Tour. We want to send a huge THANK YOU to CrossFit Danbury and CrossFit Milford for hosting us. These were a couple of amazing events with even more amazing people.

It started Saturday morning at CrossFit Danbury. 4 survivors were on hand and honored during the Opening Ceremonies, including our Mission Manager Monica, a 13-year survivor and Whitney who is currently battling breast cancer for the 5th time. These ladies represent our mission, as all of them were diagnosed under the age of 40.


There was a kids workout and a team WOD. The workout was teams of 2 “Hanging with Karen” comprised of 5 rounds of 30 wall balls and 20 hang power cleans.


For halftime our BFB Pro Advocates, nationally ranked Olympic weightlifter Mike Cerbus and National Champion Jessica Lucero threw around some seriously heavy weight. Jess cleaned 255 and Mike snatched 275 directly into a 10 second overhead pause squat… in nanos. We want to thank them for taking the time to be with us this past weekend. Both have super busy schedules as athletes and coaches, and this is an important movement to them. You’re both awesome!!


After halftime it was back to “Hanging with Karen” including an all female heat with 2 survivors, our Community Advocates Suzanne Palanzo & Christina Annuziata, and Progenex Athlete Emily Friedman. We even got in on the action in the last heat of the day with 3 BFB teams.


When people weren’t working out or cheering each other on there was a BBQ outside with tons of people hanging out. People driving by were probably thrown off by the sea of pink. They’ll catch on.


We love going to Pink Bra Tour stops because it gives us an opportunity to meet the people doing the fundraising year after year. What’s really cool is when those people come to multiple stops! There were a lot of familiar faces at CrossFit Milford for Stop 4.


Sunday was electric. 5 survivors, all of which were diagnosed under 40, were honored during the opening ceremonies and it just got better from there. The energy and enthusiasm at CF Milford was fantastic. People were going hard during the workout and just as hard cheering one another on. The workout was, with a partner, each person does 2 rounds of a 400m run and 15 overhead squats followed by partner “Grace” 30 clean and jerks split half and half.


At halftime we had a max handstand walking competition and a double under 1 minute AMRAP with guest judge and CrossFit Games Athlete, Jen Smith.


The day was amazing! So much positivity and camaraderie. Community is what makes CrossFit so great and Stop 4 and CrossFit Milford is a perfect example of that.


On Monday morning we visited our Grantee Partner, Susan G. Komen of Connecticut. Megan, a survivor and member of CF Milford, came along and shared her story. We’re so lucky to work with organizations like this. Right now they’re working to get 100% of BFB grant funds in Connecticut available throughout the entire state. What’s unique about our funds versus others is that 100% of BFB funds go to direct services.

Komen Connecticut

That wraps up Stops 3 & 4. We had an amazing time in Connecticut and are off to Stops 5 & 6 in NYC!









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Nathan MorrisPink Bra Tour Stops 3 & 4