Pink Bra Tour Stop 10

Hey y’all! Or should we say howdy? This past weekend our trip across the US took us to Belton, Texas for Pink Bra Tour Stop 10. A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to the Central Texas Affiliates for their fundraising efforts last year and for hosting us all weekend. There were multiple events for everyone to enjoy. “Grace” is a staple event for us but there are tons of different ways for communities and people to come together to support our cause. There was something for everyone this weekend.
Friday night we had our first ever BFB Banquet at the Temple Railroad and Heritage Museum. The food and drinks were delicious, the speakers were fantastic and there was even a cake in the shape of a kettlebell. We had a great time eating and interacting with the community the day before the event. And, we can’t forget to mention Dirty Bird Bingo.


Saturday was full of events, starting with an 8am 5K at Yettie Polk Park. There was a fantastic turnout and hey, who says CrossFitters can’t run? There were some great times posted and even greater times were had by all.


Following the 5K we headed over to Horny Toad Harley Davidson for the main event. The workout was “Grace” starting with a survivors heat. Teen Advocates Phoenix Phillips (17) and Dylan Contreras (16) did Heavy Grace at 190lbs and 225lbs respectively, which is 85% of their 1RM Clean and Jerk.


Halftime was another amazing obstacle course with Hula Hoops, Tire Flips, Nerf Guns and Scooters. Teams were made up of Pro Advocates including Elisabeth Akinwale and Chad & Jodi Vaughn, some of our local BFB Advocates Phoenix, Jake Bishop and Maddie Vincent, plus participants from the crowd. It’s cool seeing CrossFit Games and Olympic athletes trying new sports. Maybe we’ll see Razor Scooters at the Games next year? 🙂

The most amazing part of Halftime was honoring the survivors that were present, Lilly Ramos and Nicole Kepler, both were diagnosed in their 30s. As they addressed the crowd, both spoke about how they were fortunate to have been diagnosed early. Early detection spared them from more extreme and severe treatments that might have been needed had they been diagnosed at a later stage. No matter the stage, these women are incredibly strong and we appreciate them sharing their stories.


Sunday was a packed house at CrossFit Centex for the 4th Annual BFB Central Texas Oly Open. 64 athletes competed and put on an amazing show. Multiple athletes, including Elisabeth and a couple CrossFit Centex competitors, qualified for the American Open. Not to mention, there were some amazing kids that competed. We’ve got some “strong” supporters out there.

Thank you!


And, that’s it! We had a blast but we’re on our way back to Cali for Stop 11 at CrossFit Sun in San Diego. Thank you to all of the Central Texas Affiliates, Horny Toad Harley Davidson and CrossFit Centex for hosting us!


BFB Out!







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