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Kimberly Caringer

2018 Survivor In The Open

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Our Mission

To mobilize and empower people to take action in breast cancer.

Fundraise. Detect. Save.


99% of our funds are raised by
everyday people in the fitness


Get Screened

If you have a breast concern and/or are
in need of a breast health care
service, we can help.

Need A Screening?

Resources After

Fitness and wellness
should be a part of
the treatment plan.

Get Rad!

2017 Rewards 

Fundraise to earn sweet 
rewards from our friends
and partners!

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Our Work

We are a proactive voice, a resource

for early detection services, and
support post-diagnosis.

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Why 7%?

1 out of 8 women will be diagnosed with breast

cancer in their lifetime, 7% will be under the age
of 40. No one is Immune to breast cancer.

Meet the 7%

Our Vision

Quality breast health care and improved treatment plans for all.

We are proud of our work and fiscal responsibility we have maintained while upholding our mission.

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