about us

We’re more than a non-profit, we’re an organization DEDICATED to social change. We strongly believe that Everyone Has a RIGHT to Know if they’re living with breast cancer. We are committed to changing the conversation when it comes to breast cancer. We won’t stop until everyone regardless of age, gender, income and insurance status has access to early detection services. This is our mission.


Our Story

When I was told to come back when I was 40, at that point in time, I thought I was fine. I trusted the doctor. They told me nothing was wrong, but I just felt something was still there and it was getting bigger. This wasn’t normal, and I knew something was wrong with me.

– Cecy Morales

Breast Cancer Survivor, Diagnosed at 26 years old, Inspiration for Barbells for Boobs.


Our Financials

We are proud of our work and fiscal responsibility we have maintained while upholding our mission.



It’s all about the company you keep. We’re better, stronger and able to provide a bigger impact because of these companies.



Our Advocates are a group of inspirational and courageous individuals dedicated to the Barbells for Boobs movement.