6 Tips for Eating Healthy on the Open Road

6 Tips for Eating Healthy on the Open Road

If you’ve ever been on a road trip (or any vacation for that matter), you know it can be hard to stay on track with your diet while you’re traveling. Fast food, gas station snacks, and diners have great tasting snacks but not many healthy options.

So, how is our Open Road Tour crew eating healthy(ish) all over the country?

Here are our top tips that you can use in your travels.

1. Drink great coffee.

Coffee is zero calories and is an essential part of staying alive on the Open Road Tour. If you don’t like to drink it black, blend it up into Bulletproof Coffee to make a filling, flavorful breakfast on the go.

Here’s our go-to recipe:

1 cup hot coffee

1 T Kerrygold butter

1 scoop BUBS vanilla collagen protein

1 scoop BUBS MCT oil powder

Blend until frothy.

2. Stock up at grocery stores.

You’ll always find healthy options in grocery stores during your trips. If you’ve got a YETI cooler, you can store fresh fruits and veggies for days! We love hitting Whole Foods on the road.

Our grocery list always includes these items:

  • gluten free pretzels
  • apples
  • BabyBel cheese and salami
  • deli meat
  • berries
  • bananas
  • avocado
  • eggs
  • oranges

3. Snack on single ingredient (or few ingredient) foods.

Snacks are ESSENTIAL for road trips and travel. Some days on the road our team is just living off snacks, so picking the right ones is crucial. An easy way to stay healthy in your snack choices is to stick to snacks with ONE or only a FEW ingredients.

Here’s what Sarah’s favorite snacks on the road are:

  • Siete chips + queso (few ingredients)
  • Tuna fish (weird but only 1 ingredient)
  • RXBAR bars (four ingredients)
  • RXBAR honey cinnamon peanut butter with banana or apple (two ingredients)

4. Stay hydrated.

Staying hydrated while traveling is extra important if you’re flying due to the dehydration that happens with the changing elevation. However, it’s just as important for our team on the road.

The team is drinking a ton of water, but they love sipping on Zevia sparkling drinks. If you want to avoid too much snacking, zero calorie sparkling beverages are a great way to fill up and get your sweet tooth fix.

5. Fire up the grill.

Our team LOVES some hot home cooked food. When asked what Sarah’s favorite food was on the road this year, she said:

[I loved] the brisket gifted to the ORT kitchen from Stefan who we met at Crossfit HomeBase Central in Oklahoma City.

Brisket breakfast tacos! Tortillas by Siete Foods

When you’re traveling this can be hard to come by, but most campsites will let you have a fire, or you can bring a small propane cook stove. If you don’t have either of these, you can grab grilled options at most grocery stores.

Grilled food is not only delicious, it’s a great way to get in protein AND you can grill veggies too!

6. Treat yoself

Moderation and balance is the key to great travel grub. Experiencing the food of wherever you’re going gives you a taste of the culture and a richer picture of what life is like wherever you visit.

If you give yourself a meal or two out occasionally, just be intentional about your food choices. Pick the thing you know you’ll LOVE and savor it.

What’s Sarah’s favorite city to eat in? She says,

Boston. You can get an experience that hits all major courses of dinner within two streets (Salem & Hanover) in the North End of Boston. Learn about oysters and indulge in the best lobster roll and fries-or-salad at Neptune’s Oyster Bar. Close the night off with a cream puff or cannoli at Mike’s Pastry and meet 15 women who you wish you grew up in their kitchen when you were younger.

Here’s an epic french toast sandwich at The Toast Office in Boston!

What are you favorite food stops across the nation? Leave your suggestions and other tips for healthy eating in the comments!


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