How We Stay Fit on the Open Road

How We Stay Fit on the Open Road

Our team loves to travel. The Barbells for Boobs community is spread all over the world, and we love to visit, especially in October.

Keeping our bodies healthy while we travel is super important to us. We want to make sure we’re in shape to give hugs, high fives, and do workouts with our friends.

Where we workout

During the Open Road Tour, our team is spending a lot of time dropping in at CrossFit affiliates.

Finding a local CrossFit affiliate and joining in on a class is a great way to stay fit and make new friends while traveling. Sarah says:

Jumping in a morning, noon, or evening class midweek is the best… It feels like home too!

However, every once in a while we’ll be driving across the desert or camping out somewhere with no gym access. We LOVE working out outside! No gym, no stress. Nature is our gym!

Our workout equipment

When we drop into CrossFit affiliates, we have access to all of their cool equipment. Our favorite workouts always include a barbell.

If you find yourself without gym access, there are plenty of ways to get creative with workout equipment. You don’t need to have a barbell to get a great workout in.

Here are some ideas that our team uses:

  • grab a gallon of water or diesel engine fluid (#vanlife) in place of a kettlebell
  • use a YETI cooler for “box” step ups
  • bring some resistance bands and a jump rope (they take up almost no space in luggage)
  • find a park with monkey bars to do pull ups
  • pack your backpack full of rocks and do squats or lunges with it on your back
  • your own bodyweight is sufficient equipment for a TON of workouts

Our workouts

Our workouts vary depending on where we are. We usually do the class workout when we drop in to CrossFit affiliates. Sarah’s favorite CrossFit workout is DT. She says:

You don’t need much room and it is just you and the barbell… slowly stealing your soul and forearm grip.

If we are on the road without gym equipment, there are a few go-to workouts that we love that only require your body.

  • 500 air squats for time (ouch)
  • 10 burpees on the minute for 10 minutes with air squats in the remaining time in each minute (quick burner)
  • 15 minutes of lunges, air squats, and pushups, switching exercises on the minute
  • 400 meter run + 15 pushups + 400 meter walking lunges + 15 pushups + 400 meter lunge

Comment your favorite road workouts below!

Just get moving

Don’t stress too much about getting the perfect workout in while you’re traveling. Have fun, enjoy the sights, and move your body.

Sarah says:

After driving so many miles in an RV, our main priority is that we are moving our bodies, stretching, and getting a little sweat in.

One of our new favorite ways to do this is to rent bikes and ride around the city we’re visiting. We get to sight see and keep active at the same time.

Staying fit while traveling is just like riding a bike. All you have to do is stay balanced and keep moving.


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