Raise the Bar with Sue

Raise the Bar with Sue

1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer in their lifetime. Sue is 1 in 8.

Sue was diagnosed with breast cancer first at the age of 50, then again at 60. Now at 70 she is an unstoppable member of the Barbells for Boobs RAD Program. Sue found BFB after her boot camp organized a fundraiser and she has been a shining light in the community ever since.

Sue emphasizes the importance of moving forward no matter what your struggle is and reminds us all not to compare ourselves to others, but to focus on our journey.

To learn more about Sue's story, watch her video below and see what Barbells for Boobs is doing to take action in breast cancer.


Nancy Miller

Sue is such an example of strength both physically and mentally! Her dedication to success and helping people see the value of keeping healthy through exercise and diet is beyond amazing!! Love her dedication!!

Lynda Bergh

Love you my beautiful, inspiring cousin!

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