The Keys to Calm

The Keys to Calm

October is our busiest month of the year. It is #BreastCancerAwareness month. It’s our most important month for fundraising, our team is out on the #OpenRoad Tour, and we’re trying to stay sane. Living in a state of chronic stress can cause long term illness and may even be a cause of cancer.

Here’s what Sarah’s doing on the #OpenRoad Tour to slow down, appreciate the present moment, and not freak out when there’s a bump in the road.

Q: How do you stay sane on the road?

Sarah: We are seeing so many people on this trip and crossing through so many new places that there is no shortage of “adventure and new experiences.” The adrenaline from the road helps remind me that our community is one of the best there is.

I have planned REST DAYS

…where the team can split up and do whatever we need to do. I like to find some “me time” by finding a cool town, not your average coffee shop, and ordering my drink (a chai tea latte, with almond milk, extra shot). I’ve speed dated a few towns and the deal breaker is their chai tea latte.

Q: Do you do meditation?

Sarah: My form of meditation is listening to a podcast or putting my headphones in to listen to the top 10 saved songs of various genres on my Spotify favorites. On repeat. Don’t we all do that?

I brought a few of my golf clubs on the road this year so I have been able to hit a few times. My happy place is swinging a golf club. I know DT is my favorite workout, so you’d think a barbell is my happy times, but hitting the little white ball is my favorite.

Q: How do you self-care on the road?

Sarah: Self-care on the road for me is…

I keep moving my body and staying healthy.

I have no shame in trying the best food of each city so you could imagine the fluff we can feel by the end of the month around our waists. I challenge myself to move my body or even stretch daily.

Q: What happens when something goes wrong?

RV trouble, being tardy to an event, restaurants being closed when you’re starving, road crew disagreements, missing turns on the route, losing keys can be extremely frustrating and easy to have a short fuze.

I try to remember what our goal is as a company and our Founder, Z, always says in time of crisis, “Sarah, did anyone die today because of this? Would Cecy be proud of this reaction or solution?” It helps bring me back to a place that we will get where we are going but just at a different pace.

Get this, we had 2 flat tires within 24 hours of each other… on the same tire!

One was in the middle of the state of NY and the other was between Cleveland and Columbus. I thought we were going to throw in the towel.

We’ve waited on the side of the road for over 6 hours this month when we could have been getting to the next place faster to see more people or get more sleep. Maybe this was our sign to stop and respect the road, you’ve got to listen to those.

Roadside assistance came, helped us, fixed the problem, and we moved on. We did think that our future of becoming “road people” was becoming more and more true. Thanks to good snacks, good company, and Good Sam Roadside assistance, we are alive and well.

Q: Are there any habits you have that help you keep you mind in the right place while you’re on the road?

My favorite habit is capturing the state line signs. “Welcome to ______.” It feels so good to be crossing so many states and overtime we see another one, I get heart eyes knowing we are continuing the work we do in state after state. We are celebrating the support and efforts of our unique community.

Whether I snap the photo or not, I am like a kid on Christmas every time I know we are about to cross into another state. Skinny tip of Idaho, smallest part of Texas, the epicenter of Virginias, Maryland, Pennsylvania. I was bouncing off the walls.

At first, a month seems like a long time to be gone, a lot can happen in 30 days. Saying goodbyes, remembering the important celebrations you are missing to try and do your best to gift or spend time with them before hand, handle business. But when you really think of it, its only about 30 days. 30 sleeps. I remind myself of how many people we are seeing and how happy it makes me to meet so many people that genuinely love us.

This road trip is a gift of a lifetime.

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