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What is Barbells for Boobs?

Barbells for Boobs® is a 501(c)3 nonprofit breast cancer organization dedicated to the early detection of breast cancer, with an emphasis on women under the age of 40 and men. We believe that everyone has a RIGHT to know if they are living with breast cancer.

Are you a non-profit?

Yes, we are a 501(c)3 non-profit breast cancer organization. Our Tax ID is 27-2027629.

Do you provide treatment for breast cancer?

We are neither a treatment provider nor a medical provider of any kind. Should a patient receive a malignant diagnosis through our funding, our grantees will ensure they are navigated to an appropriate treatment support program, although our funding does not cover the costs of treatment. Any issues pertaining to treatment should be reviewed and discussed with the patient’s physician. If someone is in need of treatment support, we are happy to share any information on resources we trust that might be able to provide assistance.

I need a screening/diagnostic service, but I don't know where to start...can you help me?

Barbells for Boobs is committed to being a proactive voice in early detection and provider of resources to those that typically would not have access to screening and diagnostic procedures. If you’re looking to find a breast health service and perhaps don’t know where to begin, how to find a local resource, or if there is funding through our grant program in your community to support you, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Use the Get Screened Form on our website and our team will assist you with providing information on resources in your area.

Can we choose our own charity to donate to?

No. All funds collected from Barbells for Boobs events will contribute to support our nationwide grant program. Please refer to our terms and conditions for more information.

How many people have you helped so far?

Not all of our work can be measured, but the Impact from our Grant Program can. To date, we have provided 38,517 procedures, served 20,530 individuals and detected 271 cases of breast cancer.

I own/work for a buisness/product that would love to collaborate with Barbells for can I do ths?

We love all of the great ideas to support our organization and are grateful to collaborate with many companies to raise additional funds. Please reach out to us directly here with your inquiry and we will be happy to respond with the appropriate process and guidelines for your request!

How can I get involved?

Please click here to get started! You can begin by first creating your own fundraising page. Then build or join a team. You can invites others to join your team as well. Finally spread the word about your fundraising efforts to anyone interested in donation to support our cause and in turn you earn sweet sweet rewards. It’s that simple!

Do we have to be a CrossFit Affiliate to host a Barbells for Boobs event?

Anyone can host or participate in a Barbells for Boobs event! But if you plan to do a CrossFit workout as your fundraising activity, you do need to be a licensed CrossFit Affiliate. But the options are endless, so let us know if you need any help with ideas on what type of event to host. Give us a call or drop us a note, we’ll put our heads together.

How much is the participation fee?

There is no participation fee to create a Barbells for Boobs fundraiser or to participate in any Barbells for Boobs fundraising event.

Is there a specific date to host a Barbells for Boobs event?

We realize October is quite a popular month to host an event in support of breast cancer. But as far as we’re concerned, you’re welcome to host an event any day of the year, since we provide support for the detection of breast cancer all year round!

Click Here to get started.


I hear that Barbells for Boobs is expanding to Australia - is this true?

YES! We are excited to grow our program reach to support the early detection needs of individuals globally, beginning with Australia!

Is Barbells for Boobs AUS a registered non-profit?

Yes! BFB is recognized as a legal not-for-profit entity in Australia. We are finalizing our official registration as a tax deductible charity so we can offer our supporters in Australia tax deductible receipts for their donations.

Why Australia?

To put it simply, Australia showed up. Australian fundraisers swarmed our booth at the CrossFit Games asking how they could get involved. They’ve rallied as the second highest fundraising country for the past few years. So we did our research, we found gaps, and we made it happen.

What does this mean for fundraisers and donors in Australia?

The funds raised in Australia will be used to support our AUS program through Barbells for Boobs (USA). Our mission remains the same: to ensure that everyone has the right to know if they’re living with breast cancer.

How are the USA and AUS programs different?

Australian raised funds will support the Australia program. Barbells for Boobs Australia efforts are supported by our US based team and resources so we can provide a global impact.

Is there an Aus Rewards Program?

Yes. For 2016 it is the same as our global Rewards Program.


Who are your Australian Grantee Partners?

Our first Grantee Partner is Pink Hope. Our funds support their Genetic Testing Access Program.

Why Australia?

To put it simply, Australia showed up. Australian fundraisers swarmed our booth at the CrossFit Games asking how they could get involved. They’ve rallied as the second highest fundraising country for the past few years. So we did our research, we found gaps, and we made it happen.

What is Pink Hope?

Based out of Sydney, Australia, Pink Hope is a preventative health organization working to ensure every individual can assess, manage and reduce their risk of breast and ovarian cancer, while providing personalized support for at risk women. Visit Pink Hope’s website to learn more.

Is the need in Australia the same as the one in the United States?

Not exactly. Australia’s healthcare system is different than in the United States. In Australia you must take a genetic test to assess your risk.

Genetic testing for the panel of gene mutations (including BRCA1 and BRCA2) is available at Familial Cancer Centers across Australia, under the public health system, to those who meet certain criteria. Those who do not meet this criteria can still be tested, but must pay for it privately.

So how will the Barbells for Boobs Australia program work?

Barbells for Boobs is funding the Pink Hope Genetic Testing Access Program which will offer women and men across Australia at increased risk of developing breast, ovarian and prostate cancer, access to an affordable self funded genetic test.

I or someone I know would like to have my genetics tested. How do i do that?

Contact Pink Hope via their website:

I would like to fundraise or donate to this program. How do I do that?

You can start fundraising or make a donation to Barbells for Boobs through the homepage of our website:

Other questions?

Feel free to email us at or call us at  (714)-361-6132

Why the emphasis on genetic testing in Australia but not in the US?

The gaps in the U.S. healthcare system and Australia are different and always changing. Australia requires a genetic test before any further support for breast screening and diagnostic services is prescribed.

Don’t see your question here? Ask away! We’re happy to help.