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Education Activity

Providing educational resources on exercise oncology and mental health as they pertain to breast cancer. We provide exercise programming, assessments, and movement modifications for women impacted by breast cancer.

Using exercise oncology principles as the foundation of our program, we believe that regular exercise can have a positive impact on alleviating symptoms resulting from treatment for some breast cancer survivors. Our program uniquely blends education, behavioral modification and the exercise sciences to create a personalized, individualized plan for each participant.

Education Library

This online directory of educational resources on exercise oncology, breast cancer treatments, and side effects, cancer-specific barriers to exercise, exercise prescription and movement modifications for women impacted by breast cancer, RAD athlete assessments, and more.

B Student University

The B Student University is an accountability program that requires commitment, a growth mindset, and vulnerability. It focuses on providing the tools and education to improve your quality of life. Our mission is to empower you to take total control of your Mind, Body, and Soul.

Behind the Bra Podcast

The mission of the Behind the Bra podcast is to present a safe platform for those impacted by breast cancer – as a survivor, caregiver, or loved one – to share their story in an authentic way.

Stronger Than Ever

Join our RAD Physical Activity Suite today and become a RAD athlete

Become stronger after breast cancer.

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