CrossFit Steamboat

Our Vision: Quality breast health care for all and an improved quality of life post diagnosis through fitness.

Our Why

We stand for health, fitness, and every person's #RightToKnow if they have breast cancer. Barbells for Boobs fulfills our why by connecting people with resources to get screened and fitness post diagnosis. Thank you for supporting our why.


CrossFit Steamboat

Come celebrate victories big and small!  Come support those who need your strength.  Dedicate your workout in memory of someone.  Fight.  Cheer.  Sweat.  Support.

We invite all athletes to join us Saturday, October 13th for a Barbell for Boobs 12-hour workout for all levels.  12 hours?!  That is right.  Get a team together to perform one workout on the hour every hour to raise awareness for breast cancer.  Break the workouts up, bring food, hangout, high-five, sweat, and laugh.
Please donate to our page to show support for those in need of mammograms, health care, guidance, and LOVE!

Our Achievements

Fundraise $1200

Fundraised $5000

Fundraise $10,000

Team Members

Thank you to our Donors


Kerry Contarino


Kellie Nelson


Caroline Lalive

This is in honor of my beautiful sister who is valiantly fighting breast cancer.


Sarah F


Mark & Kathi Gregarek


Sarah Coleman


Colleen Hannon

To support the team, especially Leah Vann. Thank you, CrossFit!


Kelly Northcutt

So proud of all the fighters and survivors I know! And thanks to Crossfit Steamboat and Sarah Coleman for supporting such a great cause!


Andrea Schumacher

Go girl!


Molly Keating

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