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Amelia Schultz

Our Vision: Quality breast health care for all and an improved quality of life post diagnosis through fitness.

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Every person has a #RightToKnow if they have breast cancer. Every person deserves to live a healthy, fulfilled life. Barbells for Boobs connects people with resources to get screened and get access to fitness post diagnosis. Thank you for supporting my why.

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Tuesday 18th Sep

Thank you to my Donors


Teresa Schultz

It’s wonderful that you & Jeremy are doing this together!!


Lucy Suvalsky

Go Ameila, Jeremy and Owen!!





Awesome fundraising! Sorry to miss it! See you this Weds at Breck.😘


Stacy Bjornstad

Good luck getting to your goal!


Tracy & Matt Moosbrugger


Raka Mitra




Paula Ario


Linnea Benson


Lindsey Alexander


Amy Surber


Josie Tober

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Toni Gurvin


Brian Hartney


Amelia Schultz

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