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Our Vision: Quality breast health care for all and an improved quality of life post diagnosis through fitness.

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Every person has a #RightToKnow if they have breast cancer. Every person deserves to live a healthy, fulfilled life. Barbells for Boobs connects people with resources to get screened and get access to fitness post diagnosis. Thank you for supporting my why.

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Breast Cancer Should NOT be a Death Sentence

Tuesday 10th Jul

I am dedicated my Barbells for Boobs campaign, my birthday and all my weightlifitng compeitions this year to my sister, Jenny who would have turned 46 this year. 

Two years ago, Jenny was diagnosed with metastic breast cancer. After a long courageous battle, she earned her wings on April 23, 2018.  Watching her live her life to the fullest every single day is what fills my heart today. 

After a decade of doing work in breast cancer, I have a new lens on this disease and what it is really capable of.  My hope is no one ever has to see a loved one in so much pain, have to fight for every breathe they take or have to sit in a treatment chair for hours of their lives.  My dream is that we do everything we can to stand up for ourselves during treatment, during the darkest days and with family and friends.  I have days that I know I could have done more, I could have given more, but I have learned that we give what we are capable of.  

I am so proud of my sister for always showing the world her truth, no matter what.  She has inspired me to be brave and honest with myself.  


My ask of you today is to give.

Give what you can.

Give to support another.

Give to keep Jenny’s smile alive.

Give because it helps us all heal.  


My goal this year is to support 100 women with services.  Let's work together to give more people a better life after a breast cancer diagnosis. 


I appreciate your time and support.


Much Love, 



Celebration Dates:  I will be providing you all with updates on each of these celebrations!


July 8th- My 39th Bday!


July 13th- State Games Competition in San Diego


August 25- World Master’s Championships in Barcelona, Spain

Thank you to my Donors


Pisani Vineyard & Winery


Amie Owens

In memory of Jenny. In loving support of you - our dear friend and mentor.


Terri Raines


Chris, Erica & Omar Worden

Happy birthday, Z! In loving memory of Jenny. We love you! -the Wordens


Cecy Morales

Forever Sunshine Girl Jenny. Love you chula



With Love!


Zionna Hanson


Lori Hooper


Conzelman Charitable Fund


Zionna Hanson

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