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Julie Ringel

Our Vision: Quality breast health care for all and an improved quality of life post diagnosis through fitness.

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Every person has a #RightToKnow if they have breast cancer. Every person deserves to live a healthy, fulfilled life. Barbells for Boobs connects people with resources to get screened and get access to fitness post diagnosis. Thank you for supporting my why.

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Friday 17th Aug

I will never forget the phone call from my doctor telling me I had cancer. I don't remember anything that was said after the words, your biopsy was positive and you have breast cancer. What I do remember is pouring a glass of wine and repeating to myself that I have cancer. I was in shock!

Luckily I have an amazing husband, family and great friends that immediately stepped up to help get the plan together. The next two weeks consisted of doctors appointments, tests and waiting for results. I am the type of person who needs a plan so those two weeks were very stressful. I started chemo on January 24th, the only thing I knew for sure was I would lose my hair. Thankfully my side effects were manageable. I had a mastectomy on May 25th and was not allowed to do anything physical for four weeks. Recovering from surgery and not being active was much more difficult that 16 weeks of chemo. Radiation started July 26th, everyday (Monday - Friday) and will finish on September 6th.

These eight months have been pretty horrible and CrossFit has been key to my recovery. Working out during most of my treatment plan helped manage the fatigue but more importantly it kept me sane. My morning crew has been incredibly supportive and they have no idea how much it has meant. I can't lift anywhere near the same weight, I am not as fast and sometimes I need an extra rest but I have never felt like I don't belong. Our coaches work with me on any necessary modifications and someone is always willing to partner with me knowing they may have to carry a little more of the load. The owner of CrossFit Invictus Boston checked in with me throughout my treatment, just another example of the community that is CrossFit.



Thank you to my Donors


Samuel & Anne Engel

Donation in support and admiration of Julie Ringel, Team Invictus Boston


Chantal Groulx


Crossfit Aspinock


Tri-state Athletics Llc


Centric Relations Dental Labs


Avena Integrative Medical Center


Jeffrey Pasco


Frank Bolter


The Haydens

You are a beautiful and strong fighter! Thank you for inspiring us all at Fenway!


Blaise Morris


Bank Of America Employee Giving Campaign


Edward D'angelo


Jim And Dee Belsky

Keep doin as your doin! Luv you guys


Northstar Home Loans & The Verraneault Family

Stay Strong Julie. Happy your are doing well now!


Heather Gordon

Kick ass Julie sending you lots of love!!!


Danilo Paolucci

Kick its ass Julie!


Michelle Hillier



Jim Ross


George Milton


Stacey Macgregor


James Cerkleski


Wendy Feng


Dave & Carrie Santos

Stay Strong!!💪🏻


Mark Elliott


Kathe Maxwell

Cancer SUCKS, being a survivor and able to help others is AWESOME!


Kae Edwards


Sarah & Jason Rome

We love you and we’re proud of you, Julie! Love, your California fan club - Jason, Sarah, Jack, Kate, and Maddie


Gina Wood

You are amazing! So happy that you are cancer free! Love you!


Baz And Mandy Demetsky

So glad you are almost through this Julie!


Angela Stanikmas

Thinking of you Julie!


Shawn And Jessica Deary

We love you!


Jay And Claire

Julie: this part of the Ringel family is thinking of you and sending you our best wishes. You are an inspiration!


Julie Coleman & Family

Stay strong Jules!


Josie Sammons

Go Julie!!! ❤️


Mike And Erica Edwards

We support you Mike and Edwards


Stephanie Restivo


Dan Martin

Stay strong!! You got this 👍


Caitlin & Bryan Hitchcock


Selena Visser

Beyond proud and in awe of your bravery, strength and courage. You are an inspiration xo


Paul Pace


Amy Lawlor

You are amazing! #JulieStrong ❤️❤️


Shauna Marhafer


Kristen & David Elmer

We are in awe of the courage and grace you have displayed throughout all of this. We are happy to contribute to this great cause!


Chris& Diane Grenier



Ryan Ricciardi

JULIE STRONG!!! Keep kicking ass and taking names!!!


Mike Swanson

Keep up the great work Julie!


Paul Patterson

I know you and you will win this fight. All the best Julie!


Robert Petrusevski

Lots of love! See you soon.


Deborah Borski

Thinking of you Julie. ❤️


Eghbal Edin Taravati

Good luck


Jackie Smith

You are an inspiration to all that surround you!


Joann And Al Kotkin

Great cause. Good luck on achieving your goal. God bless you.


Marty & Nicole Robertson

Here's to fighting the good fight and winning! We're so proud of you and happy for you!!


Mario Pavli


John And Barbara

Love you Julie #juliestrong ❤️ ♥️


Billie Gaudreau

Julie you have shown so much strength and determination. We are so proud of you and how your positive approach to every part of this process just is amazing! Thank you for giving us a way to express our love for you!❤️💪


Sara Aswegan



Leigh Margolis




Lisa Grantham

Courageous. Inspiring. Thank you for providing us the opportunity to support and contribute.


Mandy Richardson


Neil Ringel

I’m proud of you my love!


Judy Macdonald Johnston

Julie - you are an inspiration to so many. Intrepid, unsinkable YOU. Thanks for giving your friends a way to contribute to what is important to you.


Julie Ringel

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