Sycamore Crossfit

Our Vision: Quality breast health care for all and an improved quality of life post diagnosis through fitness.

Our Why

We stand for health, fitness, and every person's #RightToKnow if they have breast cancer. Barbells for Boobs fulfills our why by connecting people with resources to get screened and fitness post diagnosis. Thank you for supporting our why.


Our Achievements

Fundraise $1200

Fundraised $5000

Fundraise $10,000

Team Members

Thank you to our Donors


Diana Crabbe

This is for Kathi and Rachael Abell


Robert Hinds


Bill Donner


Norah Crabbe

I’m a little late to do this but seeing the event today and everyone coming together for Rachael and her momma was truly amazing. Rach- you’re awesome and I love you. ❤️


Bridget Nee


Lauren Willis


Jeff Johnson


Ashley Hartmann


Kathy Siemianowski


Tom Kucala


Tony Seabase


Ross Loomis


Rachel Seabase


Danielle Paul

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