Our Vision: Quality breast health care for all and an improved quality of life post diagnosis through fitness.

My Why

Every person has a #RightToKnow if they have breast cancer. Every person deserves to live a healthy, fulfilled life. Barbells for Boobs connects people with resources to get screened and get access to fitness post diagnosis. Thank you for supporting my why.

Cancer does NOT discriminate!

Last year I participated in Barbells for Boobs in honor of Marianne Raines.  She was my father's AMAZING significant other that we lost, after a strong battle, to breast cancer.   This year,  I am participating in honor of Marianne and ....
Summer of 2018 was unforgettable!  

Think you're not a candidate for breast cancer?   Think again!

This may shock some of you.  I have not openly shared my breast cancer journey outside of Crossfit Addict.   I cannot  proceed without saying how important it is to surround yourself with greatness.  My Crossfit Addict family has given me endless love, support, drive and strength to fight cancer and win. 
I'll try to make what seemed like an endless journey, short...

In May I went for my mammogram.  A couple weeks later I was called back for another mammogram.  I had no worries.  Why?  I am a fit person that eats fairly clean and I have no family history of cancer.   My May and June consisted on mammograms, ultrasounds, biopsy, MRI, CT scan and lots of tears.  On the first day of summer, I was officially diagnosed with breast cancer.   BOOM! 
I'll never forget being told that I had cancer.  I was angry. I screamed! I swung punches.  I refused to sit in the chair. I refused to accept it.  And then I literally crawled up in the corner of the doctors office and cried.   Todd just hugged me and told me that everything was going to be okay.  My friends came over that night and hugged me and shared their love and support.   Wine and chocolate in tow. 
I continued with my daily routine but most days I walked into the gym with sorrow, self-pity, worry and great sadness.  My coach, Trey, took me for a walk and I shared the news. We sat and he lended his encouragement, support, love and strength! When I just wanted to say that I couldn't do this, he reminded me of my strength and fierceness.
June was a fog.  It consisted of doctor appointments, tears, more doctor appointments and more tears.  
On July 02, I had nipple sparing surgery and 3 lymph nodes biopsied.  Soon, which seemed like FOREVER, I found out that 2 of the 3 lymph nodes were positive.  This was a total shock to everyone! On July 13th, I had  a double mastectomy with reconstruction.   On August 15th, I had my first of 28 radiation treatments.  On September 24th, I completed my last radiation treatment.
On October 25, I will complete my first Grace WOD at Crossfit Addicts, Barbells for Boobs event.   A year ago I would have been beating myself, worried about Rx weight or my time.  This year has brought new gratitude and wisdom and a lot less ego.  I am honored to be here and share this cause and event with you!   I invite you to join us.  I invite you to donate to a cause that will effect someone you know. 
Theresa Marie Green, TMG, wife, daughter, sister, friend, aunt and cancer survivor. 

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F You Cancer

Wednesday 7th Nov

I will never forget sitting in Dr. Montante's (my kick ass plastic surgeon) office with the fear in my eyes.  Once I met Dr. Montante and I looked into his eyes, I knew everything was going to be okay. I am a huge believer in listening to your gut feelings. Once I met Dr Montante and his staff, I knew they were the right ones for us. I had several questions about breast reconstruction.  I had spent time on the web looking at breast reconstruction videos and photos.  Under the pec...over the pec...nipple sparing... It was a lot to take in. And breast cancer medicine and reconstruction is progressing every day.  In addition,  I had fitness questions. I had read about women being unable to do push ups or pull ups since surgery.  I had questions about Crossfit, push-ups, pull-ups, bar muscle ups. Crossfit and my Crossfit tribe are a huge part of my life. I wanted to make the best decision to maintain my love of fitness.  I loved that Montante welcomed, encouraged and appreciated all my questions. Whether they were cancer related, vanity or fitness questions.  

Dr. Montante and his wife and NP, Shelly Montante, did an amazing job with my reconstruction.  I didn’t want large breasts. I’m a petite person with a slight fitness addiction and I didn’t want the interference of large breasts.  

I had a successful double mastectomy and reconstruction on July 13th.  

I've pushed Montante from day one of recovery. Can I row? When I can push weight? When can I pull weight? You get the idea.

My inspiration for sharing this part of my journey is my success.  Saturday, November 03,  I attempted and succeeded in my first bar muscle up since surgery.  Today, I successfully completed four in our workout. 

Fuck you cancer.  I WIN!  Keep up the fight ladies.  

-Theresa Marie Green

Cancer survivor, kicking it's ass!

Barbells for Boobs & Crossfit Addict

Tuesday 30th Oct

I have the most amazing, extraordinary, fantasic, tremendous, spectacular Crossfit family.  

On October 25th, our gym, Crossfit Addict, hosted their 4th annual Barbells for Boobs event.  This year brought new meaning to Barbells for Boobs as I was diagnosed with breast cancer, June 4th, 2018.  

As I entered the gym, I was brought center stage. Trey McFerren, owner of Crossfit Addict, expressed the gyms love, friendship and support.   Barbells for Boobs hit close to home this year.  And my Crossfit Addict peeps have been there for every step.  While Trey spoke of Barbells for Boobs, my diagnosis and  battle, the gym members simultaneously disrobed revealing their matching TMG support shirts.  I'm still not sure how they kept the surprise.  Historically it is impossible to surprise me.  It was a remarkable moment!   

Did I mention that I have the most amazing, extraordinary, fantasic, tremendous, spectacular Crossfit family.

It's not to late to help others.  Early diagnosis is important and saved my life.  Lets help offer the same opportunities to other women.  

Your donation helps! 

Theresa Marie Green

Breast cancer survivor, mom, friend, wife, identical twin, daughter, aunt, sister


Three Months

Monday 15th Oct

A lot can change in 3 months!

Three months ago I could not lift my hands over my head.  Three months ago one of my bestie's, Kashia, was braiding my hair.   Three months ago my INCREDIBLE husband, Todd, was washing my hair.  

On October 25th, I will participate, for my first time, in the benchmark workout, "Grace."  Grace consists of 30 clean and jerks for time.  Our gym, Crossfit Addict, will be hosting Barbells for Boobs from 4pm-7pm.  During this time we will have waves of members and guests doing Grace.  It's hard for me to believe that three months ago I could not lift my hands over my head and on October 25th, I will be lifting a barbell over my head 30 times.  

I invite you to come join us at Crossfit Addict on October 25th.  Wear your pink and help support the fight against breast cancer. 

To all the newly diagnosed women out there......  With preserverance, will power, belief in yourself, and a good support system, anything is possible.  Keep up the fight!

-Theresa Marie Green



Throw away your cookies

Wednesday 10th Oct

What?  Throw away the cookies?  You're insane.  

I'm not referring to edible cookies.  Cookies are your athletic bar inserts.  The inserts that we use to hide our nipples.  Without fail, the cookies would tangle in the wash.  I moaned and groaned every day when I had to remove, unfold and reinsert the cookies into my bras.  I had to hide my nipples.  It was a part of my body that I tried to keep hidden because I hated them.    

Girls, ladies, women! This is a shout out.  LOVE YOUR BODIES! LOVE your nipples. Stop hiding them because one day, you may not have them to hate.  

On June 5th, 2018, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  In the days and weeks that followed, I also learned that I needed a mastectomy.  In addition, I learned that I was a candidate for nipple sparing surgery.  I was one of the fortunate.  I was able to attempt to keep my nipples.  On July 2nd, I had nipple sparing surgery.   I spent countless hours over the next two weeks worrying.  I was so scared of losing my nipples.  The same nipples that I had hated and kept hidden. I would never hate my nipples again!   

On July 13th, I underwent a double mastectomy and reconstruction.  

I recovered quickly with the love and amazing support of my husband, my family, my dearest friends and my Crossfit Addict family.

On October 25th, I will participate in Barbells for Boobs at Crossfit Addict.  I invite you to join me.   I also invite you to donate to Barbells for Boobs and help a woman have a chance at fighting breast cancer! 

"Barbells for Boobs® is a 501(c)3 nonprofit breast cancer organization dedicated to the early detection of breast cancer, with an emphasis on women under the age of 40 and men. We believe that everyone has a RIGHT to know if they are living with breast cancer."


Thank you to my Donors



Love you to the Moon and Back




Vicki Green

Dear Other Green Momma: Angry to see that cancer tried to fuck with you, but know you have the most wonderful blood family and Crossfit family in your life. You are an inspiration!


Steve Antourakis

You inspire everybody that comes into contact with you - thank you for being such a badass!


Ashley J

It’s been such a pleasure getting to know you and your welcoming spirit at Addict! You are a beautiful badass my friend!


Lisa Griffith

We need to support more BAMF like TMG! 💜


Andrew Jordan

You are the strongest gal i know. i had no idea until i saw all of these posts.



Love you to the moon and back......



You're are so strong and your story is inspiring. Thank you for sharing. Love you TMG!


Martha Wright

Show them how Grace is done! 💪


Kara Kolster

TMG you are fierce, you are an inspiration, you are flat out amazing!


Jan Pasnak

Love your strong, sweet spirit.


Corey Benjamin

Thanks for all that you're doing to bring attention to this disease. My grandmother was a survivor too. Keep kicking ass!


Frank Ford


Kelly & Todd Wichman


Sophie Rathlev


Stan Brayboy


Stephen Weiss

My prayers are with you and your family!


Deb O'brien

Stay strong TMG!!!


Joshua Siwy



You are amazing!!!!!!!


Cheryl Redmond

I love you.


Prissie Nguyen

T you are the fiercest person I know and have no doubt that you can beat this!


Diana Williams

You are so strong and truly amazing!


Anne Genesevich

I love you so much! Your grit is so admirable. You inspire me daily.


Donnie Green



Your spirit is strong and your message is so on point... If it can happen to you, someone young and healthy, it can happen to anyone. 13 years ago I also got the same shocking news and I have thrived ever since -- and you will, too!! xo


Mary Beth Blend

I love you and I support you 100% TMG!!!


Sheri Crowell

#keep fighting #strongfierceTMG



I know firsthand how cancer and treatment especially, impacts not only the patient but also the family members. It’s a physical and emotional journey that everyone has to endure. TMG, you and your family are so strong. You are prove that our bodies and minds can overcome a lot. Since I joined the gym, I’ve looked up to you and always find your strength and determination so inspiring. So much that I even joined the Sunday Funday runs...🏃🏽‍♀️Now I would like to join you in this fight with this small contribution in hopes I can help someone battle/overcome this disease.


Lauren Bifulco

You’ve always been such an inspiration to me and continue to be such a warrior - love you so much!



Stay strong!


Mark Shoemaker

Faith. Fight. Determination.


Roman Lifson

You have kicked the Big C’s ass so hard, it has become little c.


Ned Daly



Debbie Armstrong

TMG, you are truely a badass and an inspiration!


Adrian Massie


Claire Smith

You’re amazing!! I’m so proud of you and inspired by your fierceness! Keep kicking ass.


Samantha Lockwood

go get it!


Melissa Caldwell

One of my best friends had breast cancer, she finished her treatment about this time last year. She kicked cancer's ass and you did too. Women rock and cancer sucks. #fuckcancer


Jennifer Naquin Fox

I had no idea!!! I'm so grateful to you for sharing your story, and I'm so proud of you for having such an amazing attitude during this entire journey. You are an AMAZING person, inside and out. I'm so sorry this happened to you, but I'm so glad that you are such a fighter!!!!


Dave Warfel

Love ya, TMG! 💜


Stewart Shoemaker Williams

You inspire me.


Donna Suro

Proud of you brave warrior!! I hate that we had to go through cancer but happy it provided the opportunity to meet you. Xoxo


Shelly Montante


Kathy Stewart

Hey girl....hang in've got this!


Ashley Groome

All my love


Jennifer Stern

Love you!


Ashley Sigrest

You’re an inspiration to all of us!


Ryon & Carrie Acey


Cherie Mehler


Marjorie Siwy

Not sure if you realize how many girls look up to you (and Gina) but I am one of them for sure. You guys are a light in this world and I am so lucky to have shared memories over the last few years with you. Sending love and my support for your testimony! Your'e an amazing woman!


Christy Serafim

You’ve got this!! Love you friend!!


David Whitley

Stay positive, stay strong, we wish you nothing but the best. My wife is brest cancer survivor, 14 years now.


Lisa Stover

Big hugs 🤗 You’re such a warrior & inspiration 💗😘


Wynne Reece



Katie Brownstein

Any friend of Sarah Price is a friend of mine. 💪🏻


Sarah Price



Cuneyt Terzi

a small contribution that will hopefully make a big change for someone... always adoring your strength and positivity...


Tara Savage

In honor of you, my fierce friend. If anyone could kick cancer’s ass, it was you.


Kate Semp

You continue to be a leader and an incredible inspiration.


Amanda Reisner

Your stength and willingness not to give up are an inspiration. Kick cancer’s ass!


David Guarnieri

I couldn't agree more. ... #fuckcancer .... and the horse it rode in on


Fred Mcdaniel

Fuck Cancer!


Diane Younker

Keep fighting!!!


Jenny Howren

Hey Theresa, I’m a 2 year bc survivor (double mastectomy/radiation/total hysterectomy) and live near Hallie. I’d love to have coffee sometime. Call me 804-350-0252


Alisa Sposato

Happy to be able to donate to this great cause on your behalf. You are one fit momma! Keep kicking butt!


Lesley Forloines

So proud of you Theresa!! You are an inspiration. Really love that we reconnected and were able to chat couple weeks ago. Stay strong and kick ass!!!


Denelle Grant


Elyse Mooney



Tara Burch


Joy W

Beautiful Bad Ass❤️


Karen King

TMG - You are one of the strongest women that I know. I knew something was going on, but I had no idea that you had been through so much. You are a fighter. This is for you!


Hallie Lifson

Love you Pinky:)


Jessica Hendricks

I love you! You are such a strong women in body and spirit and such an inspiration.


Amy Taylor

We got you girl! You are amazing!


J Crist



Islah & Landis

Proud of your strength but not surprised by it! You are amazing! 💕

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