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Our Vision: Quality breast health care for all and an improved quality of life post diagnosis through fitness.

Our Why

We stand for health, fitness, and every person's #RightToKnow if they have breast cancer. Barbells for Boobs fulfills our why by connecting people with resources to get screened and fitness post diagnosis. Thank you for supporting our why.


WiscoFit "did I say 2...better make it 3!"

People ask us all the time why we are so passionate about Barbells For Boobs and their mission. Especially being in Wisconsin which is half way across the country from where their mission started and any real connections. 
In 2013 after opening CrossFit Muskego we were looking to get more involved with communities outside of our own. We were looking for charitable organization that supported causes we believed in. With my Grandmother, one of the strongest women I've ever met being a breast cancer survivor we thought a Breast cancer group would be a good place to start. Unfortunately many of the major "charity" organizations take more than they give. When the people running a charity are multi-millionaires that should set of red flags to everyone. When we came across B4B we looked into their structure and realized quickly these were kind of people we were looking for.
We are now going in to our 6th year of fundraising and looking to top our efforts from a year ago. It was a record breaking year for us thanks to some pretty significant individual efforts from our team. Please join us in the fight against Breast Cancer.

Our Achievements

Fundraise $1200

Fundraised $5000

Fundraise $10,000

Team Members

Thank you to our Donors


Lueder Financial Group


Katy Santos


Matt Lueder

Matching Donation for Katy's Contribution





Susan Michalski

I love you and the powerhouse that you are. So glad to be a part of your life.


Tony And Ruth Librizzi


Angela Aldridge

Matching a donation 💗


Adam, Keri, Aj & Kash

Katy your amazing & we love you!! Love, Adam, Keri, Kash & Aj


Christy Irvine-bachmann

I gave a bit to save a tit!!! ( * ) ( * )


Erik Pedersen


Lisa Voisin

You inspire me. Thanks for doing this, this cause is very personal al for me.


Karen Dubis

You rock! Thank you so much for all that you do for my family!!!


Carol Starr


Gary & Yvonne Casper

We are proud of you for always making a difference in others' lives.


Julie Litza

Thanks Katy for being a wonderful leader in this effort!


Jennifer Lovinus


Lori S


Dick & Sherry Warner

Keep up the good work. ❤️👍🎆 Love and Hugs from Indiana


Betty Roberts

Love you Katy, Good work


Theresa Janick

Love you 😘


Jordan Karweik


Melissa Franckowiak


Cheryl Romanowski


Sandra Kilman

Good job Katy.


Wendy Clauder

What an awesome act of ❤️


Denise Morrissey


Tiffany Bowdish

Good luck Katy! Hope you reach your goal as I know it means a lot to you!! 😘


Bernice Fraser

Small but wanted to do something!





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