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We partner with brands to create solutions that protect, respect and empower women impacted by breast cancer. Below are some of the values we look for in a partnership.


We believe that transparency empowers consumers to make better choices.


We combine technology and philanthropy to help improve the lives of women impacted by breast cancer.


We believe that when good things happen to good people, it changes the world for the better.


We believe that brands have a responsibility to make positive change – for the sake of people and the planet.

To be able to support an organization such as Barbells for Boobs that promotes health and fitness post-diagnosis is exactly the kind of partner Eleiko is looking for. We are on a mission to “make people stronger, so they perform better in sports and in life” and Barbells for Boobs' RAD program exemplifies this mission. If we can play a small part in helping people with breast cancer post-diagnosis, we are honored to do so.

Rickard BlombergEleiko