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Physical Activity

Providing an accountable community to increase physical activity among women impacted by breast cancer. We encourage our RAD participants to move their bodies daily.

Daily exercise can be challenging, especially for those whose confidence has been impacted by breast cancer. To help women focus on their physical health we provide access to daily workouts and a personalized APP to track performance.


Super Social

Connect with RAD athletes at our virtual gym across the world. With photo sharing, fist bumps, and comments, you can continue the workout celebration even after you’ve left the gym.

Workout Preparation

With access to your personal workout history, a barbell lift percentage calculator, and movement instruction, you will be prepared to have an awesome workout.


Enjoy some friendly competition with leaderboards. See your results and how you stack up against other RAD athletes. Celebrate when you’re at the top and cheer on other RAD athletes when they have a great WOD too!

Workout Tracking

What gets measured, gets managed. Log your score on our whiteboard or in your own personal logbook. PRs are automatically calculated so you can see your progress and celebrate improvements!

Professional Coaching, Accountability and Results.

A RAD coach is available to each participant to consult with during training. A certified, professional coach will participate in the daily workout and keep participants accountable.


Virtual classes are led and programmed by our professional RAD Coaches. The RADWOD is a global virtual gym for all RAD Program participants to bond with other athletes impacted by breast cancer through physical activity. 

The RADWOD provides a space to break down any barriers that breast cancer has created through modifications, encouragement, and diversity. Barbells for Boobs is committed to having options for every woman in every stage of their breast cancer diagnosis and in their life after treatment.

RAD Yoga

RAD Yoga is an excellent addition to the RAD Physical Activities for any athletes needing a break from their busy schedules. Led by our professional RAD Coaches, our online classes focus on mobility, flexibility, and recovery.

Our virtual classes accommodate all levels of athletes for a wide range of practice opportunities. With unique workouts involving restorative and refreshing flows, focused towards women impacted by breast cancer. RAD Yoga is sure to be effective for even the most seasoned athlete.

RAD Weightlifting

RAD Weightlifting is the newest activity to our RAD Physical Activities. We believe in helping our RAD athletes achieve their goals from all aspects, technique, strength, and continuing education.

Our philosophy is simple: we have RAD athletes train with a RAD weightlifting coach that is talented, experienced, and supportive of their goals. Our coaches are passionate about weightlifting, coaching and the success of our participants.

Stronger Than Ever

Join our RAD Physical Activity Suite today and become a RAD athlete.

Become stronger after breast cancer.

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