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The RAD Score Survey

The RAD Score health survey is a breakthrough assessment system that identifies strengths, gaps, and progress – empowering individuals to make changes necessary for continued improvement in each of the following categories.

Physical Health

The RAD Score survey is a powerful tool that shows the positive results from a high-quality personal training program. Participants of our programs show an increase in quality of life along with significant improvement in health, fitness, and physical activity.

Mental Performance

With Mental Health the RAD Score survey is an impact assessment to focus on the measurable increase in each participant’s quality of life.  Like most organizations, you define the programs or initiatives, and determine your return on investment.  The RAD Score survey will give you a clear and quantitative understanding of what outcomes you are creating.

Emotional Fitness

The RAD Score survey takes a snapshot of how participants feel and helps you identify what skills to practice and develop. Our RAD Score survey is designed to support behavioral change by focusing on increasing resilience and self-care.

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