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Season of RAD

My name is April, but many people call me Ape.

Greetings to all my fellow lamplighters, and to those who may need a little light!  I joined BFB last December 22nd of 2020 when I was sent for a biopsy after finding a lump on my left breast a number of weeks prior.  As soon as I left my appointment, I went to research and Barbells for Boobs’ website.

I devoured information to prepare myself, but does anything ever prepare you? In my case, I didn’t come across ANYTHING that referenced triple negative breast cancer, and that was my diagnosis. I remember being like, “WTF is that?!”

After a 2 hour meeting with my breast surgeon, my life forever changed. Forever.

This diagnosis has changed my life. Flipped it upside down. I’ve lost so much this past year, including my breasts, my hair, and even relationships. I have unresolved trauma because I’m still going through treatment and dealing with cancer still.

But yet, this community, these women.

They instill love and light where darkness threatens to consume you. The support and light that they shine on you through their experiences connect each of us and make each of us strongGRR! Hear our roar! I always tell the new #boobsisters that this is the sisterhood you didn’t want, but you NEED!

Both Johnna and Keisha have helped me to make it through tough moments. I think w Johnna my PR would be hanging hollow post mastectomy and with Keisha, it would be beginning to journal—even though i still hate it! Lol

April DohertyRAD Athlete

They have allowed my light to continue to shine.

now I can not only help light the path of others, but I continue to move forward in my journey too! I have so much love and support that surrounds me, I know that I am loved, but the special love of Barbells for Boobs is incredible and unmatched. For this past year, and for the future with each of you: I love you, and I’m so incredibly grateful!

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