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Season of RAD

HI, I am Emma.

I started fundraising for Barbells for Boobs in Sept 2019 after my unilateral mastectomy. I then became very active as a RAD athlete in March 2020 during the COVID shutdowns, working out daily with the group.

I was diagnosed in December 2018 with DCIS after having a lumpectomy for a 5 cm mass that my biopsy showed as non-cancerous.  Shocker the pathology after the lumpectomy showed otherwise.

RAD simply started as a place to workout during a shutdown.

The community rapidly became more than that, we became friends and some became family. The RAD participants and the BFB coaches and staff have become so important in my life, they brighten my day, they can pull me from a funk with simple unconditional love and support.

With the support of Keisha and Johnna, I was able to compete in a 3 day CrossFit competition in Las Vegas, taking 2nd place but more importantly, hitting a clean PR of 145 pounds! Just last month 3 days after the passing of my father in law, by using relaxation techniques learned from Keisha, I was able to go into the gym and hit a clean of 150 pounds and feel solid. I am able to self regulate to be the RADdest mom, wife and person that I can be thanks to RAD.

Emma MorrettRAD Athlete

Meeting some in person brought tears and hugs that warm the soul.

I am not sure I would be able to show the strength that I do now (not just physically, but emotionally) without this AMAZING group of people. I am eternally grateful for cancer bringing these wonderful people into my and my family’s lives.

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