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Season of RAD

Hello, my name is Erin.

I have been a member of the RAD program for just over a year. I was diagnosed with DCIS on 10/1/2020. Then on 10/7/2020, my diagnosis was amended to Invasive ductal carcinoma, ER/PR+, HER 2-.

I was confirmed Stage 1 after my bilateral mastectomy in November 2020.

RAD is an important part of my post diagnosis life because of the strong community and their advocacy for better cancer care. As a lifetime athlete, they “just get me” and keep me grounded and motivated!

11 months post mastectomy, FOUR months post reconstruction, I did a CrossFit partner competition!

Within that comp, I was able to do chest-to-bar pull-ups!

When the workouts were released, I was worried the C2Bs might all fall on my partner, but they didn’t! I was able to jump in when he jumped down and knock some off the total!  Coach Johnna started programming workouts for me, as soon as I was cleared from surgery and took me up to comp week!

The open and honest ways we (survivors) communicate; the motivation and competition amongst friends; the personalized coaching; the big, big love we all share.

Erin MichaelRAD Athlete

I identify as an athlete to my absolute core.

Knowing that Barbells for Boobs existed was such a relief. Once I had my meet & greet with some of the staff, I knew I had found “my people.” They’ve been some of my biggest cheerleaders and have provided me with guidance as I navigate my changing body and evolving normalcy. I cannot express my gratitude to them for helping me stay active and sane!

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