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Season of RAD

Hello, my name is Karen.

I’d like to share something that has changed my life!  I feel like I’ve been with RAD since the beginning!  B student through RAD helped me stop looking in the rearview mirror and love who I am today!

I was diagnosed with stage 3 triple negative breast cancer April 7, 2014, I’m a 7 year survivor!

I met Zionna in 2015 at the CrossFit Regionals, I’d just finished a year of treatment and I was so honored to meet her!  

Once you hear those words, “you have breast cancer”, your life is forever changed.

They’ve shown me how to live – finding the joy in today and being present.  They’ve shown me how to breathe – to clear my mind, exhale anxiety, refocus….5,4,3,2,1 let’s go!   They’ve shown me how to move – stretch and listen to my amazing body that survived through chemo, surgery and RADiation!

Because the thought of dealing with cancer treatment side-effects with cording and risks of lymphedema, nerve zingers, forced menopause and mind mush for the rest of my life can be all-consuming.

B-Student - life changing! Coaches - 1-on-1 sessions to help with goals/programming, RADWODs, yoga, MINDWODs! RAD social - to laugh and zoom with other RAD sisters! Lifelong RAD friendships!

Karen DominguezRAD Athlete

I’m so grateful for the tools I’ve learned and for the support of an amazing team.

I’m thankful I’m back to journaling, finding positive quotes, devotionals and sharing them!  They’re helping me live my best life beyond breast cancer doing the fitness I love, setting goals and programming to help me accomplish those goals.  And, one of the best parts is my RAD sisters I’ve met here, wow….priceless!  

(You are not alone – I see you!)  I have no doubt the BFB team and the ladies I’ve met through RAD will be in my life forever!  

Faith over Fear – there’s only room for one, I choose Faith!

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