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Season of RAD

Hello BFB Friends! I am Kerri Gortmaker.

I have been with the Barbells for Boobs RAD program since August 2021. I was diagnosed in July 2021 with Triple Negative Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, Stage 1b.

I love the positivity and how everyone is unapologetically themselves. The workout adaptability and resources are amazing as well.

Kerri GortmakerRAD Athlete

RAD has been so important for me.

It is a group of kick-ass women like myself that offer support, encouragement, information, acceptance, and most importantly – laughs. In this group, I can be myself and stay as fit as I can. The coaches are phenomenal and know how to help in ALL situations. I love this group and am so glad I have them while I go through all this sh!t. 

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