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“The fact that Keisha never gives up hope that I will journal someday. Zionna has shown me how powerful a woman can be. She is my shining example of “She Moves With Purpose”. Johnna has given me the ability to move and find the joy in exercise again instead of just showing up. All the team! Many behind the scenes that make it work. The community of RAD women could never be summed up in a few words. They are simply life changing friendships.

I have been a part of the RAD program since 2019.

I had my biopsy in November 2018 and was told I had Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. Due to financial constraints I had the longest month of my life. I made the decision to put off surgery till January to be in a new insurance calendar year. I didn't want to have cancer and be overwhelmed with medical debt all at the same time. I am ER+/PR+/ HER2-.

I joined the RAD program, but did not utilize the resources at first. I was a lurker. I had my intro call on a lunch break at work. Once I finished treatment is when my struggle began. The world thinks You beat cancer so all is ok. The problem was it was not all ok. During treatment I had a set path of things I was supposed to do.

RAD gave me a community of women that understood.

After treatment I was left with fear, mobility issues, pain, and survivor guilt. Survivor guilt is something that no one can truly understand unless you have cancer so I just kept it inside for a long time.

I remember one of the first times I reached out to the community someone said It does not matter what kind of cancer you had. You still heard those have cancer. RAD gave me coaches that helped me with my mind, body, and soul. I am now left with a better version of me. The relationships I have now with women all over the world is something I never dreamed of. Never underestimate the power of a community.

Stronger Than Ever

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