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Season of RAD

Hi there! I’m Lindsey.

I was diagnosed with ER+ positive breast cancer in 2015 and 2017. This year I’m celebrating four years of being cancer-free.

I've been a RAD athlete for seven months. Not very long, but it has been a time of life-changing growth for me.

The RAD program has given me the tools to thrive while managing the long-term side effects of treatment and ongoing medication during the pandemic. I was ready to do the work of committing to an active lifestyle but needed extra support to make sustainable changes.

The RAD coaches and community dramatically improved my outlook and confidence within months.

They recognize it’s not just a physical challenge, but just as important, there’s a mental performance aspect, too. Doing the work in a community of RAD women who share my health experiences is incredibly empowering, and I’m so grateful for their support, virtually and IRL.

Coaching, community, and PUMA.

Lindsey GerardRAD Athlete

I’m so proud to be part of the Barbells for Boobs community.

Thank you for supporting BFB’s mission. It is making all the difference for a special group of women who are committed to being stronger than ever.

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