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Hello! My name is Lydia Raska I’ve been with The RAD program for three years.

I heard about Barbells for Boobs four years ago from my local gym I am a five year breast cancer survivor and RAD program is an important part of my life because these ladies in this organization with their wealth of knowledge saved me during quarantine I was ready to give up as I am a people person and could not stand being alone.

My goal has always been to do push-ups! Coach Jtah taught me how to take baby steps to achieve! Kiki taught me that my body was not just part of a science experiment, but an actual physical feminine body, with a few RAD (the other kind of RAD 😉) scars, and that I can still love myself

Lydia RaskaRAD Athlete

Every day they came on zoom and tutored us to regain our physical and mental strength.

They taught us courage self-worth self love and compassion and grace for ourselves they told us cancer does not define us and that we will probably never be the person we were before cancer but that’s okay, because we are so much stronger than we were before I love this group of women and I’d be lost without them.

Stronger Than Ever

Support Lydia by making a donation to her personal fundraising today and support RAD athletes around the world!


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