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I have set many goals for myself and keep setting them.

I had a goal to do Grace with Barbells For Boobs in NYC at the Puma store. I hadn’t been able to work out or lift a bar in months, close to a year. Within a couple of weeks, I progressed myself from a PVC pipe to a 35 lbs bar and did Grace in NYC with so many RAD athletes and the BFB team.

Hi! My name is Molly Fulton. I have been a part of Barbells For Boobs since December 14, 2018.

I was diagnosed on October 4, 2018 with breast cancer. I had a double mastectomy with immediate implants on November 15, 2018. I was diagnosed with stage 1 micro invasive ductal carcinoma 2b her2+ er/pr-. On January 3rd, 2019 I had my first of 6 rounds of chemo. I had 1 year of herceptin infusions.

Barbells For Boobs was amazing and gave me a scholarship for a full year to my gym. This was so helpful in me being able to move and do what I love through treatment. I love my CrossFit community and it allowed me to stay a part of it.

The RAD community has been a huge part of my life.

I felt so alone in my battle and then I found RAD. The women in the RAD group have become my friends. The coaches are more than just coaches to me, they are family. I feel like Barbells For Boobs is family....all the RAD women, coaches, mission team and ESPECIALLY Zionna. I can't ever express the gratitude I have for this organization.

The coaches Keisha Hart and Johnna Dionisio are helping me mind, body and soul. I have struggled with multiple surgeries and setbacks. Barbells For Boobs understands that recovery goes beyond the treatments. They understand that women have to heal and rebuild themselves....find their new improved selves and they help the RAD women move forward with their lives. I am forever thankful and grateful.

Stronger Than Ever

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