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Season of RAD

Hi, my name is Shelly Head.

I joined the RAD program in September 2021 after being diagnosed with DCIS Grade 1 and having a double mastectomy. 

The RAD program is so important to me.

They have made dealing with a cancer diagnosis so much easier. The feeling of having a community of women who understand your cancer journey but also understand the importance of continuing CrossFit is HUGE.

Health anxiety is a real thing. Coach Keisha has helped me work through fear of recurrence and living with Type 1 Diabetes. I’ve learned so much about being aware of my fears and addressing them.I’ve recently started journaling which I never did before! It’s been so helpful!

Shelly HeadRAD Athlete

Thank you to Z for seeing the need for such an important program.

I’m so thankful for her, Johnna, Keisha, Chenelle and everyone at Barbells for Boobs that pours their heart and soul into helping women with breast cancer. 

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