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Season of RAD

Hello, my name is Tiffany.

I was diagnosed with Stage 1A ER+ PR+ HER2+ breast cancer in September 2019. I officially became a part of the RAD community in October 2020.

As a 32 year old professional living in New York City when I was diagnosed, I coped with my diagnosis and treatment like I did lots of other things.

I tried to stay as physically active as possible, engaged in my job, spend time with friends, and even began meeting other women going through breast cancer treatment through support groups and at my cancer center. When COVID-19 shutdowns happened, all of that ended, even the chemo suite waiting room meet-cutes. 

By the time I had my intro call with Coach Johnna in October 2020...

I had a handle on my treatment but I didn’t recognize my life anymore. I was feeling stuck in so many ways. Barbells for Boobs gave me resources to find my own way out of that feeling. Daily workout programming, one-on-one physical and mental coaching, a community, and then B Student University. By getting to know so many amazing women in this community, I’ve learned how normal that feeling was.

BFB is such a well-rounded program. I've been able to find help and community in so many different ways, and my favorite has been B Student University. It is such a well thought out program. It has not only taught me many new things about life, breast cancer, my physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, it made me FEEL good. I almost always got off those calls feeling better than when I got on. The homework had the same effect. They were usually small suggested tasks that had the effect of making my life better. It was also a way that I got to know other RAD athletes on a deeper level, and share myself as well. I truly loved B Student and can't wait for more in January!

Tiffany ShatzkesRAD Athlete

Thank you for going above and beyond to create a safe place for us to learn about ourselves and each other that fosters our growth.

Thank you for not backing down from how hard this task is to give women impacted by breast cancer what we need. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us, really know us. Thank you for backing this program with the Medical Advisory Board, research, and scientific process. Thank you for B Student–that was a transformative experience. Thank you for teaching me that it’s okay to set goals that are currently out of reach, to change them when they are no longer in alignment with my wants or needs anymore, and of course, thank you for support accomplishing those goals. Thank you for letting us know in multiple different ways that this program isn’t going anywhere, ever, and with that, we’ll never be alone again. Thank you!

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