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“I love that every woman in the group understands what I’ve gone through and what I want for my body and my mind. I love the coaches. They were put on this earth to help people. I totally feel that. They are the most wonderful group of caring individuals you could ever meet. They are exceptional in everything they do. I love all of them so much and appreciate them even more!”

I was diagnosed with DCIS, stage 0 breast cancer on September 5th, 2018.

My name is Wendy Nielsen, and I have been with the RAD program at Barbells for Boobs for 3 years. Quickly I became a part of the RAD program as they were the only group I found that actually understood ME as an active woman with breast cancer. No one at my CrossFit gym knew how to modify workouts or help me find ways to regain the strength and mobility I had lost after my double mastectomy.

I am grateful for the RAD group.

Barbells for Boobs has been keeping me healthy post cancer diagnosis, both physically and mentally. After the diagnosis and the surgeries are over with, we are left with this feeling of grief and loss. If it weren't for the support of this group, I know I would be in a much worse place. I owe so much to RAD/BFB!

Stronger Than Ever

Support Wendy by making a donation to her personal fundraising today and support RAD athletes around the world!

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