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Support Activities

Connecting like-minded women impacted by breast cancer by providing them with critical community-driven support to build confidence and connection.

A group designed to provide supportive socialization and community for women impacted by breast cancer. Through sharing stories of inspiration, hope, challenges, and achievement, members form lifelong friendships and connections-all with the shared experience of having battled breast cancer.

Peer to Peer

This private Facebook peer-to-peer support group was created for women impacted by breast cancer. This is an uplifting group to connect daily by sharing resources, advice, stories, struggles, triumphs, and encouragement.

Our goal is to create a safe space for women to discuss how they are moving forward with their lives after breast cancer treatment. As a community, we hope we can inspire each other’s drive towards wellness, and help those who are newly diagnosed adjust to these different ups and downs along the way.

RAD Social

Once a month, our community of 400+ women are invited to join our online community for a virtual or in-person “girls night in.” This is a way to connect, laugh, and strengthen relationships with friends who live all around the globe.

1:1 Sessions

One-on-one session with our RAD Mental Performance Coach or RAD Physical Performance Coach to help increase the overall quality of life within mind, body, or soul well-being.

Stronger Than Ever

Join our RAD Physical Activity Suite today and become a RAD athlete

Become stronger after breast cancer.

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